The ride

Distance: 30 miles
Elevation gain: 900ft
Start: Norris Canyon/San Ramon Valley blvd

As my go-to ride from the San Ramon area, my intervals to Sunol ride has 6 higher effort intervals that are around 2 miles each.  Leaving from the corner of Norris Canyon and San Ramon Valley Blvd this ride goes all the way to Sunol via San Ramon Valley Blvd/Foothill, left at Main St in the town of Sunol, Left on Hwy 84, left at Pleasanton Sunol Rd, left across the pedestrian bridge on Verona Rd and a right turn on Foothill which turns into San Ramon Valley Blvd all the way back to San Ramon.  The ride normally takes me about 1+30 to complete, covers 30 miles and is mostly flat with a total elevation gain of 900ft.

Sunol Strava Route


Listed on Strava as “PR Intervals to Sunol” 1/6 through 6/6, I tried to create these segments across as few intersections (no major intersections) as possible to ensure the consistent completion of the intervals ride after ride.  The only real climbing on the ride comes at the conclusion of the third segment just before the descent into the town of Sunol.

Adding distance

The return leg of the ride comes after going through Sunol via Pleasanton Sunol Rd road.  There is an option to stay on Pleasanton Sunol Rd all the way to Pleasanton and take Bernal back to Foothill Rd,  but most of that time I choose to get back on Foothill Rd earlier via the pedestrian bridge at Verona Rd to avoid the traffic in Pleasanton. There is also an option to include 8 additional miles by continuing on Hwy 84 instead of turning on Pleasanton Sunol Rd and hitting the Calaveras TT segment which is a 4 mile out and back towards the Calaveras reservoir that starts just after crossing under I-680.  Not turning around at the base of the Calaveras climb and the ride can be significantly extended in miles and elevation.


As with all East Bay rides going towards San Jose, the ride gets better with less cycling hazards after passing the Stoneridge Mall.  The biggest hazards on this ride come at the intersections near Alcosta blvd and I-580 near the Stoneridge mall in Dublin.  As always obeying the traffic laws, being predictable and watching for vehicles making right hand turns at these intersections will help keep you safe.  Another hazard is the fact that the majority of this ride south of Dublin has no bike lane nor much of a shoulder to ride on. Wearing bright colors and using a blinking safety light will help keep you visible to traffic and safe on the ride.

Post it on PaceRight!

Plan on doing this route?  Login and post it up your schedule, the best way to push yourself is to attract riders that will give it a shot with you.  Remember to include your planned pace, and how many other riders you can ride with (for e.g. limit to a couple, a known friend to stay on time!).